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WELCOME TO WorldWays Manpower

WWM has immense, proven track record in developing sustainable solutions and support to our clients who are engaged or commencing various mega projects in Nepal. Ourmotto is the total success of the projects, in a meticulous and quality based manner.
WWM can design the services you need in a customized way to enhance the performance of your company in delivering time bound projects and maximizing your businessscope in Nepal. Under WWM we have the following sister companies:

HR Solutions

Building professionalism and trust

WWM is committed to provide the best man power resource solutions, be it administrative, technical, collar category, for the smallest to largest projects. Our Human resources data bank plays a key role in attaining your business’s mission.

Procurement Services

Bringing profits to you

WWM aims to be regarded as the market leader when it comes to the procurement support service. Quality assured material needs are procured and delivered for our clients, well within the time frame, so that there is no delay in the ongoing projects.

Life Support

Caring for your biggest asset

WWM offers the best physical environment for the man power supplied by us, thus keeping them in the best of their spirits to attend to their daily task. We provide highly secured residential facilities with all state of art amenities.

Always Reliable

Whenever you need us

We strive to keep our graph of professionalism always growing exponentially upwards. Our aim is to provide top-notch service to all our clients. We are always ready to be at your service and are all ears for your knock on our door.

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